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The majority of the 10.5 million inhabitants of the Czech Republic are ethnically and linguistically Czech (95%). Other ethnic groups include Germans, Roma, and Poles. After the 1993 division, some Slovaks remained in the Czech Republic and comprise roughly 3% of the current population. The border between the Czech Republic and Slovakia is open for former citizens of Czechoslovakia. Laws establishing religious freedom were passed shortly after the revolution of 1989, lifting oppressive regulations enacted by the former communist regime. Major denominations and their estimated percentage populations are Roman Catholic (39%) and Protestant (3%). A large percentage of the Czech population claim to be atheists (40%), and 16% describe themselves as uncertain. The Jewish community numbers a few thousand today; a synagogue in Prague memorializes the names of more than 80,000 Czechoslovak Jews who perished in World War II.

Nationality: Noun and adjective--Czech(s).
Population (est.): 10.5 million.
Annual growth rate: 0.1%.
Ethnic groups: Czech (95%), Germans, Roma, Poles, Silesians, Slovaks.
Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant.
Language: Czech.
Education: Literacy--99%.
Health: Life expectancy--males 68 yrs., females 75 yrs.
Work force (5.2 million): Industry, construction and commerce--47%. Government and other services--41%. Agriculture--11%.

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